Classical Kids Teaching Edition Bundle

Classical Kids Teaching Edition Bundle

Classical Kids Teaching Edition Bundle

Classical Kids

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This comprehensive book-style set combines musical studies with many other subject areas and skills and is designed to move children from passive listeners to active participants in music, drama, social studies, history and other arts. The set also promotes literacy, critical thinking and communication skills.

The Teaching Edition includes 9 award-winning and best-selling Classical Kids CDs plus the Beethoven Lives Upstairs and Mr. Bach Comes to Call DVDs. The set also features 3 exclusive bonus discs:

- Teacher's Resources CD-ROM: includes Teacher's Notes and scripts for all 9 CDs

- Slideshow DVD: hundreds of images from the times of the great composers

- Music Only CD: 40 minutes of instrumental-only music from the Classical Kids CDs

The Teacher's Notes support the Integrated Curriculum, Whole Language Learning, Enquiry-based Learning and Visual Thinking Strategies. They provide activities and suggestions to help students and musicians develop general creativity, multi-level thinking, memory skills, cooperation and time management. The scripts are ideal for class read-alongs or ESL programs. The Slideshow DVD also comes with hundreds of questions and activities to encourage class discussions.

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