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Songs Of A Lifetime

Songs Of A Lifetime

Stan Rogers

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An essential item for any traditional folk music fan, Stan Rogers, Songs Of A Lifetime is a limited edition collectible box set that includes the entirety of his songwriting in a beautifully designed book of sheet music with notation and introductions written by Stan and those who worked with him.

The book is packaged together with 49-recordings from three albums on five vinyl discs including the rare re-release For The Family first issued only months after his passing, and for the first time ever on vinyl, Coffee House to Concert Hall and Home In Halifax.

Stan Rogers left an indelible mark on Folk Music and his influence continues 40 years after his tragic death. Today, Borealis Records celebrates his music and his legacy with the release of the limited edition vinyl box set, Stan Rogers - Songs of a Lifetime, coming out February 23, 2024.

Taken from the world at the age of 33 as a passenger from the Air Canada Flight 797 fire on June 2nd, 1983, his impact on roots music lives on. Rogers’ story-telling songs transport listeners to the rugged shores of the Atlantic, the vast landscapes of the North, and the heart of Canadian history. His influence is felt not only in the realm of folk music but also in the broader cultural fabric of Canada, where his songs have become anthems that evoke a sense of national pride and identity, with songs such as “Northwest Passage,” “Barrett’s Privateers” and “The Mary Ellen Carter” with millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube having been discovered by a whole new generation.  With sea-shanties popularized on social media platforms, Rogers’ “Barrett’s Privateers” became a recurring sing-along with Jack White, Michael Bublé and Stephen Colbert on late night television, and has been covered by dozens of artists from folk to metal.

Stan Rogers received the Diplôme d’honneur from the Canadian Conference of the Arts, and in 2019, he posthumously joined the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, adding to his list of accolades. In 2021, Canada Post paid tribute to his legacy by featuring him on a postage stamp series. Each year, folk enthusiasts from across North America gather at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, Nova Scotia, to celebrate its namesake. The profound impact of Stan Rogers' music and lyrics continues to inspire and influence musicians worldwide.

The Stan Rogers - Songs of a Lifetime box set is a limited edition collector's item, with only 1.000 copies being manufactured.  The accompanying song book of musical notation provides any musician with a guitar and desire to carry on the story-telling song tradition the means to learn to perform every song recorded by the man himself. 

Stan Rogers - Songs of a Lifetime Box Set

Track Listing:


Side A
1. Bluenose 4:03
2. Make & Break Harbour 4:27
3. Field Behind the Plow 4:27
4. Shriner Cows (Dialogue) 1:54
5. Night Guard 3:16
6. Morris Dancers (Dialogue) 2:18


Side B
7. The Idiot 2:52
8. Lies 5:40
9. Free in the Harbour 3:57
10. Band Introductions (Dialogue) 0:43
11. Working Joe 3:48
12. The Legend of Fingal (Dialogue) 2:39
13. Giant 3:36


Side C
14. Forty-five Years 3:43
15. Mary Ellen Carter Intro (Dialogue) 0:27
16. The Mary Ellen Carter 5:11
17. Barrett’s Privateers 4:51
18. Sailor’s Rest Intro (Dialogue) 0:24
19. Sailor’s Rest 5:45


Side D
Discoveries - Rare Live Recordings
20. Paint Me a Picture 3:12
21. Skyway 5:23
22. Jamie 4:56
23. Love Can’t Be Bitter All the Time 4:53
24. The Old Rose & Crown 6:03


Side A
1. Guysborough Train 4:27
2. Pharisee 3:45
3. It All Fades Away 2:40
4. Love Letter 3:27
5. Take it from Day to Day 3:27


Side B
6. Acadian Saturday Night 2:23
7. Billy Green 3:21
8. Straight and True 3:25
9. The Woodbridge Dog Disaster 4:46
10. Louise’s Song 3:43


Side C
11. Past Fifty 3:57
12. Evangeline 2:40
13. A Matter of Heart 3:28
14. Famous Inside 3:07
15. At Last, I’m Ready for Christmas 3:11


Side D
16. Your Laker’s Back in Town 3:48
17. The Puddler’s Tale 2:40
18. Music in Your Eyes 4:40
19. Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her 2:58
20. Down the Road 4:47


Side A
1. Lookout Hill 2:08
2. Cliffs of Baccalieu 3:30
3. Strings and Dory Plug 2:58
4. The Badger Drive 4:17
5. Cape St. Mary’s 5:27


Side B
6. Two Bit Cayuse 2:45
7. Scarborough Settler’s Lament 4:50
8. Yeastcake Jones 3:43
9. Up in Fox Island 2:32
10. Three Fishers 3:48


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