The Glacials - Basement Days -LP

Basement Days

Basement Days

The Glacials

CM012V | Vinyl
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The Glacials - Basement Days - LP

Before his work with Look People, Rheostatics, Barenaked Ladies, and the Lou Reed Band, Kevin Hearrn was in a high school band called THE GLACIALS - eclectic, whimsical, and delightfully weird. 


Celery Music presents: previously unheard recordings of Kevin Hearn’s first band The Glacials. Originally recorded between 1987-1989 to four-track tape, these previously unreleased gems - ranging from synth pop to garage rock and beyond - have been lovingly restored, renewed and remixed with friends new and old. The record was then mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.


“Everything influenced us in those days: animation festivals, David Lynch, lo-fi video game music, Vangelis soundtracks, Slim Whitman, fat joints, Lou Reed, The Residents, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Wendy Carlos - we were all, as Uncle Monty so succinctly says, “sponges” ready to fill the voids of our minds and souls with all the creativity we could cram in.” says Kevin.

Track listing
1. Bus Bus Or No Bus
2. I Can Fly
3  Buying an Organ
4  The Organ Reprise
5  Cut It Up Daze
6  Space Pirates
7  The Beltman and The Baglady
8  Freddy The Frog
9  I Remember
10 Red Hot Dot
11 I Was Here 
12  Prelude and Fugue In C Major
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